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GreenTech Solar System is started with a vision to popularize roof-top solar power as key source of power. It is founded in 2013 by Mr. Ifthikar Ali B.Engg (Hons) UK, who has about 10 years of experience in the Power Industry. Today, GreenTech is one of the leading renewable energy companies in providing sustainable power solutions.

At GreenTech, our mission is to give power independence to our customers at affordable price. And, for our solar power systems and plants, the service is free for a stipulated period. The combination of quality products and comprehensive service has helped us to grow delighted customer base.

The customer-centric & innovative company culture and strong team makes us the first-choice in the rooftop solar market. Currently, we have a strong presence in Thanjavur, Tiruvaroor and Nagai Dists surrounding areas and plan to expand to the other parts.

Our business operations are in domain of design, supply, installation, commissioning and servicing solar power systems, Our product range includes Solar Home systems, Commercial Solar power plants, Solar water pumps and Solar Street-lights.

We special in both domestic (home or residential) and commercial applications of solar power. Be it off-grid, on-grid or hybrid, we have complete solar power solutions for all applications.

Today, solar power is not a luxury but it is a necessity. Given that India has a very good sunshine for 300 days a year, solar can be a major source powering our economy. Now, solar power is available at a very competitive tariff. For many applications, solar tariff is less than the tariff from the state electricity boards or conventional sources of power. So, solar can provide the stable power and also economical power compared to EB/Grid. And, of course, there is a huge benefit on environment.


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