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Solar UPS   Batteries

An uninterruptible power supply picks up where the normal source of power left off. There are several different forms of UPS, which one is best is dependent on the situation.

Three Types of UPS and How They Work

Three different types of UPS are commonly used. These include: offline, line-interactive and online.

Offline UPS and Portable Solar Generators

An offline or standby UPS uses a battery to stand in for the main power source. This backup gives power for short periods. It is best for short outages were a minute delay between power sources is not detrimental.

A solar standby UPS option could be a portable solar generator. These are batteries that can be charged through an outlet in the home and/or with solar panels.

Line-interactive UPS and Solar Batteries

Line-interactive UPS is similar to offline UPS. The difference is the addition of an automatic voltage stabilizer. This addition allows for voltage to be stabilized in an outage.

This is often how solar batteries work. Solar batteries are connected to the inverter allowing it to be charged during the day. Then at night or when the power is out these batteries provide power.

The Function of Online UPS

Online UPS is not directly connected to the main power supply. Instead, the power is sent to a rectifier. This device switches alternating current to direct current.

The direct current is used to charge a battery which is inverted to alternating current. The alternating current is then used to power/charge equipment. double-conversion UPS is used to create seamless power in an outage.

How Battery Backup Works: Typical form of UPS

All three of these UPS types usually use some form of a battery as the source of power. A typical battery has both a positive and negative charge divided by electrolytes.

A secure power supply is another form of UPS. The difference, however, is that it relies completely on the sun as its source of power.

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