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Super Fan

Superfan’s super energy efficient ceiling fan consumes only 35W compared to 75W by a regular fan while delivering the same or better air flow. This energy savings helps to save money over Rs.1500/- per fan every year on your electricity bill.

Superfan runs 29 hours per unit whereas regular ceiling fans run only for 13 Hrs per unit.

The best ceiling fan that complements the ambience of your work space and home.

All models of our super energy eficient ceiling fans come with a feature rich remote that add to your comfort.

Energy saving

Our super energy efficient ceiling fans saves more than 56% on your electricity bill

Stable operation

Superfan's high speed does NOT fluctuate even if voltage fluctuates

Zero heat generated

Our BLDC motor ceiling fans do not generate heat like other regular fans.

Superior air delivery

Superfan’s greater air delivery keeps you comfortable even in hot and humid conditions.


Eco-friendliness is a way of life at Superfan and we employ eco-conscious manufacturing processes, materials and packaging.

No rust formation

Superfans are made of high quality aluminum body and blades that does not rust and lasts longer.

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