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Home Solar System

GreenTech Solar System has wide technical knowledge in residential customer power requirements. Our team will do a deep analysis of the residential customer's usage of of appliances and electrical equipments by contacting a face to face survey and onsite observations. GreenTech Solar System will provide tailor made Solar Power Solutions for these residential requirements in Independant Housea, Flats in Apartments, Villas, Hostels, etc. we are providing an excellent range of Home-Solar-Power-Systems. Be it Off-grid, On-grid or Hybrid, we have complete solar power solutions for all household applications.

GreenTech Solar System will Customize to our customer's home systems are compatible with almost every electrical appliances of home like TV, lights, fans, refrigerator, washing-machine, air-conditioner etc.

Off-Grid Systems for Homes

Off-grid system comes with battery storages. During the day time, the solar power directly powers the home appliances and the excess power from solar panel is stored in batteries. During the night time or very visibility of sun light, the power from the batteries is used. GreenTech Solar System off-grid system is designed for 24/7 power from solar on a sunny day and average electricity usage. During rainy days and/or higher than average electricity usage days, the grid power is used as backup. Its main objective is to provide 24/7 power.

Working Principle

Day Time: At daytime, the power from solar panel is used to power the connected appliances and also the batteries are charged.

Night Time: The inverter automatically switches the connected appliances from solar to batteries at night. The charged batteries power the connected appliances during night.

If more-than-average power is consumed during the day or if the day has been cloudy, then the battery may drain during the night and reach a low cut-off. The inverter then switches from batteries to grid automatically. This is switched back to solar in the morning. This algorithm ensures optimal convenience and bill savings.

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